Forest Fires in the United States: 26 November 1999

Forest Fires in the United States

26 November 1999

The Wildland Fire Assessment System, provided by “The Fire Behavior Research Work Unit”, Missoula (Montana USA), submits a fire danger map, which is displayed below.

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Fig. 1. Fire Danger Forecast Map, 26 November 1999
(Source: Fire Behavior Research Work Unit, Missoula)

According the INCIDENT MANAGEMENT SITUATION REPORT the situation for 25 November 1999 can be quoted as follows:

Moderate initial attack activity and new large fires were reported in the Southern Area. Containment objectives on large fires are being achieved in the
Southern Area and demobilization of resources continues. Very high to extreme fire indices were reported in California, New Mexico and Texas.

A nearly stationary cold front extends from Maine southwestward to the southern tip of Texas. There will be a chance of rain near and to the east of the front. Meanwhile, another cold front will extend from the upper Great Lakes southwestward into Nebraska. A mix of rain and snow will fall near this front over the Dakotas and Minnesota. Dry conditions are expected south of the Dakotas.
Oklahoma will be dry except for a slight chance of a shower in the southeast portion. Highs in the 50’s.
Kentucky will see a chance of rain in the west and rain likely in the east. Highs in the 50’s. Expect rain in Tennessee and North Carolina. Light rain is likely in Virginia. Highs in the 40’s.
… .”

The following basic fire data describes the fire situation in the United States.  Most of the fires burning in the last two days are located in the Southern Area of the United States.

Number of FIRES in the last 24 hours HECTARES burning in the last 24 hours FIRES
YEAR-TO-DATE 99 4,767 89,953 2,271,532

For detailed information regarding specified regions, please refer to the whole report.

The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) reports its Wildland Fire Update every Friday unless significant activity occurs.

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