Forest Fires and Prescribed Burning in Southern United States: 25 March 1999

Forest Fires and Prescribed Burning in the Southern United States

25 March 1999

Several active fire signals and smoke plumes are recorded by OSEI with the NOAA AVHRR Sensor on 24 March 1999.

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Fig.1. NOAA image of the vegetation fires in the Southern United States 24 March 1999
(Source: NOAA

Several wildfires were reported in Southern United States over the last days. The Florida Forest Protection Bureau reports on for the 23 March 1999 that the fires are still active in the State of Florida. As of 23 March 1999 28 fires were burning on a total area of  3184.5 Acres (1288.7 ha). For a detailed report on the fire activities in Florida, refer to the last days Narrative Report on the Florida fire situation provided by the Florida Forest Protection Bureau.

(this report can be accessed at:

DATE: March 24, 1999

A band of widely scattered showers stretching from central Mississippi to Virginia is moving eastward. Showers and thunderstorms are expected for parts of Texas. Highs for the Area will range from the 50’s north to 80’s south.

No fire activity reported.

Arkansas/Oklahoma Interagency Coordination Center (AR-AOC): A cold front brought significant precip to southeast Oklahoma and southern Arkansas. However, northern Arkansas received little to no moisture. T-06 was released to Knoxville and T-25 will be at Ft. Smith. Helicopter 4HC will be at Mena and helicopter 85BH at Clarksville. The Buffalo National River fire use module will be committed to the Pea Ridge NMP in Arkansas today and Wilson’s Creek NB in Missouri, 03/25-26.
State of Arkansas (AR-ARS): 7 fires for 38 acres, 03/23.
State of Oklahoma (OK-OKS): 15 fires for 212 acres, 03/22.
Ouachita NF (AR-OUF): Accomplished 5 Rx burns for 11,647 acres, 03/22. Helicopter 4HC will be at Mena and helicopter 85BH at Clarksville.

State of Florida (FL-FLS): 30 fires for 193 acres, 03/22.

State of Georgia (GA-GAS): 477 fires for 2,246 acres, 03/19-22.

State of Kentucky (KY-KYS): 30 fires for 637 acres, 03/22.

Daniel Boone NF (KY-DBF): Most portions of the Commonwealth received some precip on Tuesday with a continuing chance of rain forecasted today. Fire activity is expected to decrease accordingly.

No fire activity reported.

State of Mississippi (MS-MSS): 52 fires for 600 acres, 03/22. Fire danger high.
NFs in Mississippi (MS-MNF): Accomplished 2 Rx burns for 1,015 acres on the Holly Springs RD. Fire danger high. Forecast for
today calls for mostly cloudy skies with a 30% chance of showers and a few thunderstorms. The highs will range from 70-75.
Grand Bay NWR (MS-GBR): Fire danger high.
Mississippi Sandhill Crane NWR (MS-MSR): Fire danger high.
Noxubee NWR (MS-NXR): Fire danger high.
Natchez Trace Parkway (MS-NAP): Fire danger high.

State of North Carolina (NC-NCS): 16 fires for 75 acres, 03/22.
NFs in North Carolina (NC-NCF): 1 fire for 3 acres on the Croatan RD, 03/23. Accomplished 5 Rx burns for 352 acres. Forest has 1 Rx burn for 535 acres planned tomorrow. Great Smoky Mountains NP fire use module assisted with Rx burning on the Cheoah RD. Asheville Hotshots are committed to the Flat Branch fire in Georgia.

Francis Marion-Sumter NFs (SC-FMF): No initial attack activity yesterday. Temps today will be in the 70’s with RH’s in the 40’s. Rain is forecasted for Friday.

State of Tennessee (TN-TNS): 21 fires for 219 acres, 03/22.
Cherokee NF (TN-CNF): T-06 is at Knoxville, T-25 at Ft. Smith, T-05 at Brooksville, Florida with Lead 3-5, and T-12 is back in
service at Knoxville.

State of Texas (TX-TXS): 1 fire for 99 acres, 03/22.
West Texas State (TX-WTS): Fire danger high.
NFs in Texas (TX-TXF): Accomplished 1 Rx burn for 385 acres.

Virginia Interagency Coordination Center (VA-VIC): No fire activity to report. Wet weather is expected today throughout theforest.

Remarks on Prescribed Burning:
The high-temperature events depicted by the NOAA AVHRR satellite in the Southeast are not all wildfires. At this time of the year prescribed burning operations are conducted routinely. A set of photographic documents on prescribed burning techniques and objectives can be visited in our photo archive. For more information on the extent of prescribed burning in the U.S.A. please visit the last issue of International Forest Fire News.

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