GFMC: Forest Fires in Turkey, 17 July 2000

Forest Fires in Turkey

17 July 2000

Ongoing Wildfires in southeastern Europe forced the evacuation of three communities in the Turkish province of Manisa on Thursday. Turkish officials ordered the evacuation of Karacahisar, Boncuklu and Vakifli after firefighters were unable to control a forest fire that quickly grew to engulf 125 acres. Four other fires in the same area and another near the northwestern province of Canakkale continued to expand at an alarming rate. Military troops were dispatched to aid local firefighters. Temperatures in Turkey exceeded 104 degrees Fahrenheit throughout much of the country on Thursday and were reported to have hit 115 degrees Fahrenheit in several areas. Firefighters used helicopters to fight 58 fires that charred nearly 3,000 hectares of woodland on Thursday. The fires burned one school and 19 homes and killed hundreds of livestock. In Istanbul temperatures increased up to 115 Fahrenheit on Thursday which was the hottest day in the city for 80 years. The state meteorological agency said temperatures would begin to drop on Saturday, but the country won’t see too much relief until Monday. [conversion table]

For short-to long term fire-weather forecasts for southern Europe see the Experimental Climate Prediction Center (ECPC) web site.

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Europe fire-weather forecast for tomorrow, Tuesday 18 July 2000

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Europe fire-weather forecast (weekly) for the time period 15-22 July 2000
(Source: ECPC)

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