Fires in Northern Thailand, 4 April 2000

Fires in Northern Thailand

4 April 2000

Reports from Thailand of 23 March 2000 indicate that domestic flights between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Son (North Thailand) had to be cancelled due to heavy smoke generated by fire activities in the region. Increasing burning activities for conversion of forest to agricultural lands are observed in the border region between Thailand and Myanmar. According to local reports there is an increasing transmigration of local hill tribes from the Thai territory into Myanmar where people seek for land.

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Fig.1. Overview of current fire activities in mainland South East Asia cut out of the World Fire Web global fire map in which all fires are recorded after 26 March and 2 April 2000.
(Source: World Fire Web)

For more details on the use of fire and wildfires see the GFMC Photo Archive and check there the “India” and the “South East Asian Mainland” file.

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