GFMC: Savanna and Land-Use Fires in Southern Africa and West Africa, 25 October 2000

List of References

References Relating to Aerosols and Atmospheric Transport over Southern Africa

List compiled by Kristy Ross, Witwatersrand University, South Africa, and Robert Chatfield, NASA

Chatfield, R.B., J.A. Vastano, L. Li, G.W. Sachse, and V.S. Connors. 1998. The Great African Plume from biomass burning: A three-dimensional study of Trace-A carbon monoxide. J. Geophysical Res. 103, 28,059-28,077.
The paper analyzes the relationship of Southern Africa airflow with the InterAfrican front and a broad recirculation pattern.

Chatfield, R.B., J.A. Vastano, H.B. Singh, and G.W. Sachse. 1996. A generalized model of how fire emissions and chemistry produce African / oceanic plumes (O3, CO, PAN, smoke) seen in Trace-A, J. Geophysical Res 101, 24,279–24,306.
The paper explains the very different transport of aerosols and gases from Southern Africa moving above ~4–5 km. This issue has many articles, e.g., by Fuelberg, Anderson, and Thompson, describing Southern African transport and aerosols.

Chatfield, R.B., Z. Guo, G.W. Sachse, E.D. Blake, N. Blake. The Subtropical Global Plume in PEM-T A, PEM-T B, and GASP: How tropical emissions affect the remote Pacific, submitted to J. Geophysical Res 2000.
This article actually has a lot of description of the important role of African meteorology, and compares very well with the TOMS retrievals over/southeaset-of the Cape, compares synoptic and convective transport but also describes South American pollution affecting Africa: the “stranding” of different pollution streams. Post-mission analyses for SAFARI-2000 should be similarly fascinating!

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