Forest Fires in the Russian Federation: 12 May 2000

Forest Fires in the Russian Federation

12 May 2000

The Aerial Forest Fire Protection Service Avialesookhrana of the Federal Forest Service of Russia reports the state of fire in the 2000 fire season to the GFMC. The latest report is from 12 May 2000:
On 10 May 2000, 306 fires occurred in the forests which are under the control of the Federal Forest Service of Russia, burning a total of 19,531 ha of forest and 8,108 ha non forest areas (inside forest lands).

The regions with the highest fire activity were:
Republic Buriatia – 59 fires (4,357 ha forest and 355 ha non forest)
Amurskaia oblast  – 30 fires (3,790 ha forest and 4,063 non forest)
Chita region – 106 fires (9,231 ha forest and 2,715 ha non forest).

Selected fire occurrence maps are prepared daily by the Russian GFMC correspondent Dr. Anatoly Sukhinin, Fire Laboratory of the Sukachev Institute of Forest, Karsnoyarsk. Today,   the following images are available for 11 May 2000:

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Fig.1. Amurskaia (Amur) Oblast Fig.2. Buryatia Republic Fig.3. Chitinskaia (Chita) Oblast

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Fig.4. Chitinskaia (Chita) Oblast Fig.5. Ikutskaia (Irkutsk) Olast Fig.6. Ikutskaia (Irkutsk) Olast

For more details on fire in the Russian Federation, Mongolia and China: See IFFN Country Notes.

Scientific details on fire in the Russian Federation are provided by the Fire Research Campaign Asia-North (FIRESCAN) report.

Bibliography on fire in ecosystems of boreal Eurasia:
One of the results of the first international fire science conference in the Russian Federation (1993) was the publication of a monograph on fire in boreal Eurasia, including some selected contributions on boreal North America. The literature cited in the monograph contains numerous publications which in many cases are not easily accessible. To facilitate literature search the bibliographical sources are provided by topic (chapter).

Goldammer, J.G. and V.V.Furyaev. 1996. Fire in Ecosystems of Boreal Eurasia. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 390 p.

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