Forest Fires in the Russian Federation: 5 May 2000

Forest Fires in the Russian Federation

5 May 2000

Today an example is provided of a satellite image and a fire locations map covering the Far East of the Russian Federation. The NOAA OSEI image of 4 May 2000 (Fig.1) shows partial cloud cover which cannot be penetrated by the fire sensor. A zoom into the region N of Komsomolsk shows the details of the fires. The area is dominated by larch (Larix sibirica) forests. The fires visible in Figure 1 near the border to China also burn in larch forests.

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Fig.1. NESDIS/OSEI NOAA-14 AVHRR satellite image, 4 May 2000.
Numerous heat signatures (red) and smoke (light blue) are visible from the fires burning in Eastern Russia. Additional fires may be obscured by clouds.
(Source: NOAA/OSEI).

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Fig.2. Fires burning on 5 May 2000 north of Komsomolsk (Khabarovsk Krai). The size of individual fires is indicated at each fire location.Selected fire occurrence maps are prepared daily by the Russian GFMC correspondent Dr. Anatoly Sukhinin, Fire Laboratory of the Sukachev Institute of Forest, Karsnoyarsk.

For more spaceborne information on fires in the Russian Federation details (enlargements, other scenes produced during the 1999 fire season) the GFMC readers are encouraged to click on the hyperlinks provided by the Avialesookhrana website. The Avialesookhrana homepage from the National Forest Fire Centre of Russia provides up-to-date NOAA images for the whole of the Russian Federation at

For more details on fire in the Russian Federation: See IFFN Country Notes.

Scientific details on fire in the Russian Federation are provided by the Fire Research Campaign Asia-North (FIRESCAN) report.

Bibliography on fire in ecosystems of boreal Eurasia:
One of the results of the first international fire science conference in the Russian Federation (1993) was the publication of a monograph on fire in boreal Eurasia, including some selected contributions on boreal North America. The literature cited in the monograph contains numerous publications which in many cases are not easily accessible. To facilitate literature search the bibliographical sources are provided by topic (chapter).

Goldammer, J.G. and V.V.Furyaev. 1996. Fire in Ecosystems of Boreal Eurasia. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 390 p.

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