GFMC: Forest Fires in the Kazakstan, 6 September 2000

Forest Fires in Kazakhstan

6 September 2000

Daily Fire Occurrence and Fire Danger Maps of the Fire Laboratory of the Sukachev Institute of Forest, Krasnoyarsk
Selected fire occurrence maps, satellite images and a forest fire danger map are prepared daily by the Russian GFMC correspondent Dr. Anatoly Sukhinin, Fire Laboratory of the Sukachev Institute of Forest, Krasnoyarsk, in collaboration with the Emergency Situation Monitoring and Forecasting Agency, Krasnoyarsk branch. The maps are produced on the base of satellite data (classification by the NOAA AVHRR). They show the fire locations (by latitude and longitude) and the area affected by fire (red signature, size in ha). The red arrow at each fire location points to the nearest populated place. Updated fire danger maps are provided about two to three times per week.

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Satellite images showing forest fires in Kazakhstan on 5 September 2000.

For more details on the general situation of forest fires in  Kazakhstan: See IFFN Country Notes.

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