GFMC: Forest Fires in Kazakhstan, 29 May 2000

Forest Fires in Kazakhstan

29 May 2000

Several active fire signals were recorded by NOAA/OSEI with the NOAA-14 AVHRR satellite. Kazakhstan belongs to the central Asian region which is currently subjected to very dry conditions and high fire risk (see GFMC fire warning of 15 May).

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Fig.1. NESDIS/OSEI NOAA-14 POES AVHRR satellite image, 26 May 2000
Numerous heat signatures (red) are visible from fires burning in northern Kazakhstan, near the border with Russia. Additional fires may be burning beneath the cloud cover.
(Source: NOAA/OSEI)

Until more detailed reports will be made available from Kazakhstan sources the GFMC readers are kindly refered to the article published in International Forest Fire News (IFFN): “Overview on Forest Fires in Kazakhstan” (IFFN No. 22 – April 2000).

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