Early Warning of Forest Fire Danger in Central Asia and Western India (19 May 2000)

Early Warning of Forest Fire Danger in Central Asia and Western India

19 May 2000

The early forest fire warning which was given to the Central Asian countries on 15 May 2000 is now extended to the Western part of India. As can be seen on the Early Fire Warning Section of the GFMC homepage the global to regional fire weather forecasts of the Experimental Climate Prediction Center the forecasted and modeled extreme fire danger for the next week and the next month remain severe for Central Asia and include the West of India. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) on 18 May 2000 issued a drought reports for India. According to the UN OCHA report (OCHA/GVA 2000/0094) India is experiencing a severe drought which is rapidly spreading over large areas of southern and western Asian countries. The drought is particularly marked in the area stretching from the worst affected states of Rajasthan and Gujarat down to Andhra Pradesh. More than 90 million people in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh alone are in the grip of the severe drought. It is feared that the situation might worsen over the remaining weeks of summer. The 10-day global fire map which shows highest fire activities in India reflects the overall critical situation.

GFMC users in India are encouraged to take all precaution measures necessary.

For recent GFMC reports from India see International Forest Fire News.

See also the GFMC photo archive India.

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