Taming the Dragon-Dalmatia 2002

GFMC Contribution to “Taming the Dragon – Dalmatia 2002”

21-24 May 2002

This web page is a contribution of the GFMC to the NATO wildland fire exercise “Taming the Dragon – Dalmatia 2002”. Since the GFMC is participating in the exercise (all GFMC staff) the information provided below is simulated, i.e. generated well in advance of the exercise (on 17 May 2002).

In a real case of a fire emergency in Croatia or any other country, the GFMC would provide daily access to the latest remote sensing products like the MODIS image below. The availability of satellite images depends on orbits and cloud cover.

In addition, the GFMC would produce daily, weekly and long-term (1-month) fire weather forecasts for the region concerned.

Access (liaison) to assistance is provided and facilitated by the GFMC:

Additional information on forest fires in Croatia
Forest Fires in Croatia – A Permanent Danger (IFFN No. 9 – July 1993)

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