GFMC: Indonesia – Prominent Fire Researcher Appointed as Deputy Minister for Environment, 16 June 2000

Indonesia: Prominent Fire Researcher Appointed as Deputy Minister for Environment

16 June 2000

Prof. Dr. Daniel Murdiyarso, IC-SEA Head has been appointed as Deputy Minister of the Indonesian State Ministry of Environment. This was disclosed in a letter dated 28 May 2000 which was signed by His Excellency President Abdurraman Wahid of the Republic of Indonesia.

Prof Murdiyarso will take charge of the environmental management vis-a-vis policy-related issues on terrestrial, marine and coastal zone and atmosphere/climatic ecosystems. He was sworn into office in ceremonies presided over by the Environment Minister Sonny Keraf held at the Ministry of Environment, Jakarta on 8 June 2000.

A professor in Atmospheric Science at the Bogor Agricultural University, Prof Murdiyarso has been the Centre Head of the Bogor-based Global Change Impacts Centre for Southeast Asia (IC-SEA) since its establishment in October 1995. Under his leadership, IC-SEA successfully carried out its programmes in capacity building, collaborative research and policy support in global environmental change.

Dr. Murdiyarso is an active scientist and researcher. Among the international initiatives he is involved with are the Alternative to Slash and Burn (ASB) project. Dr. Murdiyarso has significantly contributed to the fire research community during the last years.

The Global Fire Monitoring Center congratulates Dr. Murdiyarso for his important new position and is looking forward for the continuation of his established working relationships with the international fire science community.

Jakarta, Indonesia, and Freiburg, Germany
16 June 2000

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