Forest Fires in Ethiopia: 8 March 2000

Forest Fires in Ethiopia

8 March 2000

The update information by satellite sensors is provided by imageries of the U.S. Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP), which show the  the fires on 7 March. The red dots represent active fires. Land signature: brown; water: blue; clouds: grey; stable lights (cities): cyan.

7 March 2000 (428 KB) 7 March 2000 (18 KB) 7 March 2000 (68 KB)

Fig.1-3 DMSP scene of East Africa and two DMSP closeup scenes of the Bale region and Borana, 7 March 2000.
(Fig.1.upper left corner 20 N, 22 E lower right corner 0 N, 50 E
Fig.2 upper left corner 9 N, 38 E lower right corner 5 N, 42 E)
(source: DMSP)

For further information please refer also to the earlier reports this and last week at the “Current Significant Fire Events” page.

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