Forest Fires in Central America, 19 April 2000

Forest Fires in Central America

19 April 2000

The GOES and NOAA/AVHRR satellite images of 17and 18 April 2000 reflect the overall fire situation in Central America as it was highlighted in the GFMC reports during the last days (starting with the Honduras fire report on 31 March 2000). Heat signatures (red dots) can be seen from fires burning in several countries of Central America. Other fires may be obsured by the cloud cover.

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Fig.1. and 2. NESDIS/OSEI NOAA-14 AVHRR satellite images of Central America,  17 April 2000. Heat signatures (red) can be seen from fires burning in Mexico (Yucatan Peninsula) Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Heavy smoke (light blue) is also visible from the large fires in Guatemala
(Source: NOAA/OSEI).

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Fig.3. NESDIS/OSEI GOES-8 satellite image of Central America, 18 April 2000. A large amount of smoke from the many fires burning in Central America is visible off the Pacific Coast.
(Source: NOAA/OSEI).

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