Canadian Forest Fire Summary 1999

Canadian Forest Fire Summary 1999

The operational forest fire monitoring website for Canada is providing a historic (since 1994) and current view of all the forest fires in Canada.
This website represents the output of the Fire Monitoring, Mapping, and Modelling (FireM3) project, a collaboration of the Canadian Forest Service and the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing.

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Fig.1. Hotspot overview map, fire season 1999
(Source: FireM3)

The above mentioned fire situation map can be directly accessed at the Fire Monitoring, Mapping, and Modelling (FireM3) Project website.

Approximately 9,000 fires burn 3,000,000 ha per year in Canada (based on a 10-year average). While only 2 to 3 % of these wildfires grow larger than 200 ha in size, they account for almost 97 % of the annual area burned.

The following five FireM3 charts show the grouping of fire events over the fire season 1999 in Canada.

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Fig.2.-6. Number of hotspots between May and September 1999

The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre (CIFFC) provides in its latest news report, that 7,591 forest fires have consumed 1,705,645 hectares as of 31 December 1999. This is a 15% decrease in fire numbers and a 49% decrease in hectares burnt as compared to the 10 year average.

As of 15 September 1999 there have been approximately 1400 professional fire management personnel, 45 airtankers, over 677 pumps, and over 24,000 lengths of hose exchanged through the Mutual Aid Resource Sharing Agreements.

The National Forest Fire Situation Report will begin again in late April or early May 2000.


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