Forest Fires in Canada: 19 July 1999


Forest Fires in Canada

19 July 1999

Vegetation fires were detected by OSEI with the NOAA-15 POES AVHRR HRPT satellite on 16 July 1999.

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Fig.1. and 2. The left image shows heat signatures (red) from areas of fire burning in eastern Alaska and Canada. Any smoke is difficult to see because of excessive cloud cover in this region.on 16 July 1999. The right image shows vegetation fires, burn scars and smoke from areas of fire in the Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territory.

Saskatchewan Daily Forest Fire Situation Report (10:00 AM Sunday, 18 July 1999):

There are 28 forest fires burning in the province today.
1 fires have been extinguished in the past 24 hours.
5 new fires have been reported.
Total number of fires to date this year is 403.
Total to date last year was 936, 5-year average is 472.

The whole report and further information can be accessed at the fire management website of Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management (SERM).

The Canadian Daily Fire Situation Report shows further detailed information regarding the fire situation in Canada, which, however,   will not be mentioned here in detail. We refer to the corresponding home page.

Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service, provides a National Forest Fire Situation Report which is updated every Friday. The report contains an overview of ongoing fires, special descripttion of problem fires, Interagency Resource Mobilization, Synopsis and Prognosis, and the following regularly updated graphs:

  • Number of Fires by province
  • Area Burned by province
  • Weekly Fire Occurrence
  • Weekly Area Burned
  • Seasonal Fire Occurrence
  • Seasonal Area Burned
  • Interagency Resource Mobilization
  • Number of Agencies Mobilized
  • Weekly Satellite Hot-Spots
  • Seasonal Satellite Hot-Spots

Regular updates on the currently ongoing International Crown Fire Modelling Experiment in the Northwest Territories (the experimental site is located 40 km northeast of Fort Providence  61.6° N, 117.2° W) is given in:


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