GFMC: Information of Forest Fires and Radioactivity in Belarus, 30 May 2000

Information of Forest Fires and Radioactivity in Belarus

30 May 2000

The following report from Belarus reached the GFMC on 30 May 2000:

The fire environment in Belarus is extremely complicated in the current fire season. Precipitation practically did not fall in the spring period. Accordingly, the forest fire danger class in most of regions is very high.
At present a total of 1495 cases of forest fires have been registered which burned a total area of 800 hectares in the forests belonging to the Forestry Department. On 16 May 38 wildfires occurred in the Republic affecting an area of 16 ha. In Gomel Region which is contaminated by radioactivity four fires affected an area of 0.1 ha. The Radiation Control Service organized in the Forestry Department system in the 50 forestry districts of Republic, did not register any increase of the radiation level.

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