GFMC: Fires in Brazil and Neighbouring Countries, 30 July 2001

Fires in Brazil and NeighbouringCountries

19 September 2001

I. Fire monitoring in Brazil

The Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE) provides daily updated satellite imagery on fire events in Brazil and neighbouring countries. The latest NOAA 12 satellite derived fire product is shown below.

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INPE-DSA Fire product (NOAA 12), 18 September  2001
(Source: INPE-DSA)


The Center for Weather Forecasts and Climate Studies (CPTEC) – of the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) is the gateway of Brazil to high quality meteorological forecasts. The computer system receives information derived from Meteosat and GOES satellites, meteorological observational data from GTS Network of the WMO (World Meteorological Organization) and from the Brazilian Network which is under the responsability of INMET (Ministry of Agriculture). Aditional information comes from the DEPV (Air Force), DHN (Navy), state meteorological centers and from other international centers. The Brazilian satellite (SCD-1) collects important environmental data and information for the meteorological research at INPE. For further infomation see CPTEC/ INPE, “fire risk”.

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Observed fire risk map: 17 September (left), and predicted fire risk map for Brazil: 19  respectively 20 September 2001
For real-time fire-weather forecast: see: special meteorological bulletin (in Brazilian-Portuguese)
for the Deforestation Arc (states of Acre, Rondônia, South of Amazonas, North of Mato Grosso,
Southeast of Pará, Central and Northern Tocantins, and East of Maranhão)
(Source: CPTEC).


Biomass Burning Monitoring Team of the University of Wisconsin-Madison
At the Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies (CIMSS) the biomass burning monitoring team is using the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES) to detect and monitor fires and smoke associated with wildfires, prescribed burns, deforestation and other agricultural applications throughout the Western Hemisphere.

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GOES-8 ABBA Preliminary Detected Fire Locations from 17 September 2001.
(Source: UW-Madison CIMSS GOES Biomass Burning Monitoring Program)

Also available: an animated GOES-8 ABBA composite fire imagery covering the period 11 September to 
17 September 2001.

Access to detailed half-hourly fire data for the Western Hemisphere (UW-Madison CIMSS GOES Biomass Burning Monitoring Program), including the whole South American Continent, is facilitated at the following GFMC web page:
Western Hemisphere (Americas) Half-Hourly Fire Update (GOES Satellite)

Fire in Amazon Rain Forests: Some General Remarks


II. Fire monitoring in Argentina

High-temperature events representing vegetation fires are regularly monitored by the National Commission for Space Activities (Comisión Nacional de Actividades Espaciales – CONAE). 

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Most recent fire map of Argentina (14 September 2001) based on NOAA images. Source: Website CONAE 
on which the last 20 images are available by selecting first a date of “Las últimas 20 imágenes“ 
and then click on “Oprima aqui para ver la imagen seleccionada”

CONAE  provides the following additional products for Argentina.

* Current sire situation synthesis (Una sintesis de situación)
* A number of LANDSAT images of very high quality (Imágenes LANDSAT)
* Soil moisture (Humedad del suelo)
* List of detailed information of past fire events (Registro de las actualizaciones)

CONAE provides a collection of satellite images of wildland fire emergency situations at:

For early warning of wildland fires in Argentina: see web page facilitated by the GFMC:
Argentina: Combustion Risk Index and Convectivity Index

Argentina´s National Fire Management Plan (PNMF) integrates, coordinates and supports the actions taken by the provinces, the APN and the federal government. The PFNMF Website is in Spanish and provides a number of useful documents, including fire basics, statistics and legislation. Fire situation reports from the provinces can be accessed directly at:

Vegetation fires in Argentina occur in a broad range of different ecosystems. For fire background information see: Pre-publication of the Argentina Country Report “Forest Fire Situation in Argentina (from FAO Forest Resources Assessment 2000, Global Forest Fire Assessment 1990-2000). 

For historic remotely sensed images see the GFMC archive:

* Argentina 

* Brazil and Neighbouring Countries, and Argentina.


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