Heat burns forests and crops in Bulgaria

Forests and crops burned in Bulgaria

10 July 2000

A record heat has damaged forests and crops and a total of 89 field and forest fires burned across Bulgaria last week. Nearly 500 hectares of crops, mainly wheat and barley, had been destroyed on Thursday. A total of 700 hectares of forest were burned by the fires by the end of last week. Most severe fires were in western Bulgaria where soldiers were still fighting a major forest fire. Scorching heat which have enveloped Bulgaria this week peaked on Wednesday when meteorologists registered the highest temperatures in the past 112 years in the capital Sofia, at 38°C. In other parts of Bulgaria temperature reached 43°C.

For short-to-long term fire-weather forecasts for southern Europe see the Experimental Climate Prediction Center (ECPC) web site.

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Europe fire-weather forecast for the time period 8-15 July 2000
(Source: ECPC)

The last national fire report from Bulgaria was published in the IFFN April 2000 issue.

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