GFMC: Bush and Forest Fires in Australia

Bush and Forest Fires in Australia

15 February 2002

Fire Weather Forecast for the Pacific Region

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Fire Weather Index for the
Pacific Region for 16 February 2002.
(Source: ECPCFire Weather Index Forecast)

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment is responsible for the management of fire prevention and suppression on public lands in Victoria. The last updated bushfire statistic of 15 February 2002 shows20 controlled fires. The locations of these fires are displayed in the statewide fire situation map below.

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Fig.2. Statewide Fire Situation Map of Victoria, 15 February 2002
(for legend of symbols see: National Resources and Environment)

Victoria,Total Fire Ban – 15 February 2002
A Total Fire Ban is in place  for following areas of Victoria: North Western, South Western

Source: National Resources and Environment)

NSW Total Fire Ban – 15 February 2002
Friday, 15 February 2002 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
The Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service has declared a Total Fire Ban in the following Weather Forecast Districts:Lower Western
The weather forecast for this area is very high temperature, low humidity and moderate to strong winds. These conditions are conducive to fire activity and the community is urged to takeparticular care.
Fire danger in this area will be extreme or approaching extreme.
The Total Fire Ban will become effective from 6.30am, today Friday 15th February 2002 until MIDNIGHT Friday, 15th February 2002.
During a Total Fire Ban no fire of any kind may be lit in the open. This includes incinerators and barbecues which burn solid fuel, e.g. wood or charcoal. You may use a gas or electric barbecue,
but only if:

  • It is on residential property within 20m of the house or dwelling;

  • It is under the direct control of a responsible adult;

  • The ground around the barbecue is cleared for 3m of all material which could burn;

  • You have a continuous supply of running water.

THIS TOTAL FIRE BAN INFORMATION SHOULD BE CARRIED AS PART OF ALL WEATHER FORECAST BROADCASTS IN THE LEAD UP TO AND DURING THE TOTAL FIRE BAN PERIOD. The Rural Fires Act 1997 – Section 99 (2) states: “As soon as practicable after making a direction under this section, the Minister is … (a) to cause notice of the direction to be broadcast by a television or radio station transmitting to the part or parts of the State concerned and in a newspaper circulating in those parts”
For more information:
MEDIA ONLY: 02 9898 1855
SOURCE: New South Wales Rural Fire Service

The Age Company
An animated map “The trail of Destruction” generated by The Age Company (2001) shows the development of fires starting on Boxing Day 2001:

CSA RADARSAT-1 Disaster Watch 

CSA RADARSAT-1 Disaster Watch offers the following scenes covering the Australia fires:

  •  02 Jan 02 08:36:29 UTC; S1; cycle 93 orbit 184.89987 duration 0.00900; OBR -GSS orbit 186.3128)

  •  03 Jan 02 19:21:21 UTC; S2; cycle 93 orbit 205.59160 duration 0.00900; OBR -GSS orbit 207.0713)

  •  05 Jan 02 08:48:54 UTC; F3N-16; cycle 93 orbit 227.89808 duration 0.00910; OBR -GSS orbit 229.3107)

  •  07 Jan 02 19:04:47 UTC; F4; cycle 93 orbit 262.59390 duration 0.00883; OBR -GSS orbit 264.00652)

  • 17 Jan 2002 19:13:30 UTC; S3-16; cycle 94 orbit 62.59712 duration 0.00996; OBR -GSS orbit 65.0656)

For more information see:

The Australian Bureau of Meteorology is the National Meteorological Service for Australia and provides essential meteorological services to all sectors of the Australian community.

Fire danger:
Northern Territory High in the Barkly and Alice Springs districts. Western Australia CENTRAL WEST High toVery High  LOWER WEST High  CENTRAL WHEATBELT High GREAT SOUTHERN High SOUTHWEST High  SOUTH COASTAL High  TOWN OF PORT HEDLAND High SHIRE OF ROEBOURNE Very High SHIRE OF ASHBURTON Very High SHIRE OF EAST PILBARA Low  KIMBERLEY Fire season finished

Latest News on Forest Fires in Australia:

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  • Daily updated archive of fire news and reports,  26 December 2001 until 11 January 2002 (published by The Sydney Morning Herald):

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For more information on Australia see the IFFN country notes and have a look at the Australian and New Zealand links.
For background Information see also: Recent Media Highlights on Fire, Policies, and Politics

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