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RussianFederation, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Aerial Forest Fire Protection Service of Russia “AVIALESOOKHRANA”
The homepage of the National Aerial Fire Protection Branch “Avialesookhrana” of the Federal Forest Service of the Russian Federation provides daily updated NOAA-AVHRR images with locations of active wildland fires and weather information for the whole territory of the Russian Federation. The GFMC provides regular (daily or two-daily) updates on the Current Events web page ( which includes additional satellite images, e.g. MODIS and NOAA-AVHRR received by the Fire Laboratory, Krasnoyarsk, a GFMC partner.

Satellite Fire Monitoring in the Far East of Russia
By the beginning of the fire season 2013 WWF of Russia has developed a public on-line web resource on satellite fire monitoring on the Far East of Russia that will allow near-real time detection and monitoring of wildland fires. The map web-service is designated for quick recognition of forest and other vegetation fires at the whole territory of the region with a high precision (resolution: 10 m). This service uses three alternative sources of information on active fires: FIRMS, SFMS, and data of the EMERCOM Institute of Automation and Control Processes, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences). The frequency of updates is 6 times per 24 hours. This project has been prepared jointly with the company KOSMOSNIMKI ( the basis of the Geomixer programme, which allows users not only to view maps but also to work with its content. This source makes it possible to discover fire location, view the geo-coordinates, designate land users, are burned by fire, distance between the fire and any location like settlement, forestation, etc, and weather. See also a WWF news release:

Russian “Aerocosmos” Center
The homepage of the Russian “Aerocosmos” Center, based in Moscow, provides satellite imagery on wildland fires. The website is currently available in Russian only (status: December 2010). For fire imagery please use this web page:

Center of the Special Information Receiving and Processing and the Navigating Field Control (CSIRP and NFC)
ULRMC operates as a Center of Excellence in Information Technologies and produces and provides commercially available geospatial information. Monitoring of wildland fires, including fire occurring on the radioactively contaminated zone around Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, is one of ULRMC activities. Maps of current wildfire danger (Nesterov Index, daily at 12:00h) can be accessed directly here:

Remote Sensing Data of Wildland Fires in Kazakhstan
The Earth Observation Station of Kazakhstan ( of the Department of Earth Research of the National Center of Space Research and Technologies (Almaty, Kazakhstan) receives and processes space data of the territory of Kazakhstan within a radius of more than 3000 km, including active wildland fires.



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