Ankündigung: Seminar / Kurs Feuerökologie und Feuer-Management, 21.-23. Februar 2001

WildfireInvestigation 2002

Ashort courses Wildfire Investigation 2002 will be conducted at PE Technikon,Saasveld Campus, George, South Africa, between 27 and 28 May 2002. The courseswill be presented by Dr. Neels de Ronde.

Part1. Wildfire Cause and Origin Determination

Date:27 May 2002

In-houseand expert witness reports, field investigation methods, using weather data,witness statements and photographic evidence, use of bark scorch models andcrown fire indicators, fire cause investigation and fire origin pin-pointing

Part2: Wildfire Spread, Reconstruction and Fire Behaviour Modelling

Date:28 May 2002

Introductionto fuel dynamics, fuel modelling, fuel mapping, use of aerial photography,remote sensing, topographical parameters and GIS-base creation, two- andthree-dimensional fire behaviour simulation with BEHAVE, BehavePlus and FARSITE

Whoshould attend?
Forestry,nature conservation and agricultural managers exposed to wildland fireoccurrence, wildfire investigators and legal representatives who are involved inwildland fire investigations, subsequent damage claims and possible Courtactions. Some basic experience with the use of PC-computers is recommended. Thecourse will consist of one day theoretical lecturing and one day “hands-on”computer application. Computer facilities of the PE Technicon will be used, andeach student will receive copies of the basic programs presented and used duringthe course on diskette, and learn how to access others through the internet.Students, which have their own notebooks with CD-write facilities, can alsodownload some of the larger programs.

Registrationand Certificate
Coursefee: R 1800 per student. Students will have to arrange their own accommodation.Registration fees will be payable before the course is presented, unless priorarrangements have been made with the course leader. Students will have tocomplete an exam at the end of the course, based on which the examiner willdecide which students qualify. Qualifying students will be presented with anofficial PE Technikon certificate. Registration will take place in the mainSaasveld Administration building on the Campus, at 08h00 on 27 of May 2002.

 Formore information contact:

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