2nd International Workshop on Forest Fire Control and Suppression Aspects, 16 – 21 February 1999, Bogor


Integrated Forest Fire Magement in Indonesia

2nd International Workshop on Forest Fire Control and Suppression Aspects

16 – 21 February 1999, Bogor


Currently, the Government of Indonesia has taken some important steps in dealing with forest fire in Indonesia including establishment of national guidelines on the protection of tropical forest against fire. The seriousness of Indonesian governmnent in preventing and controlling forest fire and its impacts were shown when the President of the Republic of Indonesia declared a zero burnin policy in 1997. In line with the expectance and efforts initiated by the Government of Indonesia through Director General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation, Ministry of Forestry and Estate Crop (MoFEC) to prevent, and control forest fire, International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO) and Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) had realized their commitments therefore sponsored short term project entitled “Integrated Forest Fire Management in Indonesia-Phase 1: National Guidelines on Protection of Tropical Forest Against Fire”. One of the main activity of the proiect, is dissemination workshop and field visit to affected (burnt) forest in Indonesia. The first international workshop had been conducted in December 1997, while the second is planned to be organized on next February 1999. The second workshop will emphasize on fire control and suppression aspects covering topics such as people involvement in the forest fire suppression; control of slash and burning agriculture practices; rehabilitation of forest affected by fires; and uses of newest technologies in forest control and prevention.


This second workshop, is intended to be a forum of exchanging experience from past efforts and expertise among participants by incorporating them into national guidelines that had been developed by the team to adoption nationally. This workshop is also to ensure international dissemination of the project results and final gathering of feedback from participants.


Both, Indonesian and international participants will be selected from relevant professional background such a forest fire experts, ministry executives, forest managers, planners, environmentalist (NGO), instructors, extension specialists, scientists, academicians and other experts. International participants are expected from Thailand, Lao PDR, Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, India, Sri Lanka Ghana and Columbia. The experts from major donors who are currently involved in the fire management projects, namely GTZ (Gerrmany), Eurepean-Union, JICA (Japan) would also participate in the workshops.

Date and Venue

The workshop programs is divided into:

  • 3 day workshop: from to 16 to 18 Febuar 1999 will be held in the Faculty of Forestry, IPB Darmaga Campus, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.
  • Apart from the exposure of the guidelines, a field visit to burnt logged-over area located in ITCI concession area, East Kalimantan will be arranged from 19 to 21 February 1999.


Chairman of workshop organizing team:

Dr. Nengah Surati Jaya
Secretariat IFFM-IPB
Gedung Lab Poret Udara, Fakultas Kehutanan IPB
Tel. / Fax.: (0251) 627129/627130-621256
e-mail: f.fire@bogor.wasantara.net.id

For more information, you may also contact Mrs. Nor´aini Jalaludin, MBA or Miss Astuti via telephone, fax or e-mail.


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