Spain: 42nd Annual Symposium of the  International Association of Vegetation Science, 26 – 30 July, Bilbao


42nd Annual Symposium of the  InternationalAssociation of Vegetation Science

26 – 30 July, Bilbao

One of the Sessions will be on “Fire and Vegetation”. This session has at the moment 23 contributions, 5 of them will be presented as oral communications:

  1. Aboriginal versus European burning practices in southwestern Australia as revealed by grasstress
    Byron Lamont, David Ward & Chantal Burrows

  2. The origin and affinity of Bankenveld, a False Grassland type in South Africa
    G.J. Bredenkamp

  3. Structural and floristical changes in permenent plot observation after wildfire in limestone vegetation (Center Portugal)
    Maria Dalila Espirito Santo & Joge Henrique Capelo

  4. Twenty years post-fire succession in a small wasteland on Etajima Island, southwestern Japan
    Eusebio Villar Angara, Nobuzaku Nakagoshi & Kunito Nehira

  5. Markov chains: useful tools for predicting vegetation dynamics responses
    Fernando L.F. de Quadros & Valerio D. Pillar

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