Russian Federation: Workshop “Fire on Ice”, 14-15 August 1999, Khabarovsk

Russian Federation

Workshop “Fire on Ice”

14-15 August 1999, Khabarovsk

Jointly with the International Conference

The World’s Natural Forests and Their Role in Global Processes

15-20 August 1999, Khabarovsk

Workshop Objectives

The workshop intends to review the state of knowledge in the dynamic interactions between climate variability, fire regimes, and permafrost in boreal circumpolar ecosystems. Special attention will be given to the changing active layer and the release of radiatively active gases. The formulation of future joint research projects will be discussed which will address the consequences of climate change on fire regimes and permafrost thawing and its consequences on ecosystems, biogeochemical cycles and atmospheric chemistry. The workshop is a joint activity of the IGBP Northern Eurasia Study (IGBP-NES), the Biomass Burning Experiment (BIBEX of the IGBP Core Project International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC), the Fire Research Campaign Asia North (FIRESCAN), the International Boreal Forest Research Association (IBFRA) Fire Working Group, and the Global Fire Monitoring Center (Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Biogeochemistry Department). Workshop participants will be fire and permafrost scientists actively involved in northern circumpolar research.

It is envisaged to produce an IGBP document with papers and research agenda.

Registration and contact for FIRE ON ICE (for registration for overall conference logistics: see address at bottom)

Johann G.Goldammer
Fire Ecology Research Group
The Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC)
c/o Freiburg University
PO Box
D-79100 Freiburg
Germany Fax: ++49-761-808012
Tel: ++49-761-808011

Registration for the conference (logistics):

Deadline: 31 March 1999, to

Victor Grek
71, Volochaevskaya Street
680030, Khabarovsk

Fax: ++7-4212-216798
Tel: ++7-4212- 21795



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