GFMC Meetings Calendar 2017

5th iLEAPS Science Conference
Session “Impacts of Fire on Land and Atmosphere”
11 September 2017, Oxford, United Kingdom

Session summary

Fire is a global phenomenon influencing ecosystem patterns, carbon stocks and fluxes, and atmospheric composition. Increasingly detailed observational data of different aspects of fire regimes have opened opportunities for improving our understanding of fire drivers and impacts from local to global scales. Atmospheric conditions such as moisture strongly determine the probability of fire occurrence, but vegetation properties and human influences are increasingly recognised as important factors. The aim of this session is to improve the understanding of interactions between fire, land surface, and atmosphere. We invite contributions using remote sensing, in situ observations, charcoal records, laboratory experiments or modelling. We are interested in studies that improve our understanding of (1) the importance of climate, atmospheric and vegetative conditions on fire occurrence across scales (2) the impacts of fire on properties of land and atmosphere, or (3) feedbacks between fire, land and atmosphere.

For more details – see the conference website:

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