4th Biohydrology Conference 2016

4th Biohydrology Conference 2016

Walking on drylands

13-16 September 2016, Almeria, Spain

About the Conference

BioHydrology 2016 is the fourth international conference on biohydrology, after those of Prague (2006), Bratislava (2009) and Landau (2013). As the previous conferences, the aim is providing a forum to discuss any question related to the interactions between biotic systems and hydrology. Such interactions can be simple, bidirectional or including feedback, and occurring at any spatial or time scale. The conference is addressed to experts from ecology, hydrology, geography, soil science, environmental sciences, biology, geomorphology, forestry and similar; but any expert focusing in this issue is welcome and interdisciplinary contributions are encouraged.

The conference includes five topics covering a wide thematic range. This time the congress moves from central Europe to Almeria, at the extreme south-east Spain, probably the most arid region in Europe, and the peculiarities of the interactions between living organisms, biocenosis or organic matter and hydrological processes in drylands is the first topic. The areas were water is a limiting factor during at least a part of the year account for more than the 40% of the emerged land at planetary scale. The increasing human population as well as its socio-economic development increases the water demand and the availability of water is already a concern in most countries. On the other hand, this concern tends to increase due to climatic change. The deep understanding of these natural biohydrological processes, even those studied at very detailed scales, can have important consequences, e.g., in food production, water harvesting, nature conservation, flood prevention, ecosystem function understanding, land management or guidelines for sustainable land uses.

The conference includes some plenary lectures from top international scientists, and a session for every topic, with keynote lectures from relevant scientists in every session as well as oral and poster communications from the participants.

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