International Smoke Symposium

       International Smoke Symposium

21-24 October 2013, The Marriot & Conference Center, Adelphi, U.S.A.

As worldwide wildfire is projected to increase, so too will the air quality and climate impacts, bringing greater health impacts to the public, fire fighter exposure to smoke, transportation safety issues and greenhouse gas emissions.

The International Smoke Symposium is …

An Interdisciplinary Assembly of Scientists:  Researchers from atmospheric sciences, ecological sciences, computer sciences, climatologists, social scientists, and others will engage in the complex issues of wildland fire and agricultural smoke and identify knowledge gaps for future innovation and development. 

A Nexus of Research/Management/Policy: Balancing the need for fire as an essential ecological disturbance while mitigating public health and welfare impacts of smoke in times of tightening air quality regulations and a changing climate are challenges facing all involved in smoke, air quality and fire. Managers and policy makers can provide a critical sounding board for future research and together, solutions can be found for the future.  

The International Smoke Symposium will …

Address Key Topics: Science and application of smoke and air quality modeling, social perceptions and economic issues, remote sensing and emission inventories, climate change and short-lived climate forcers, smoke management programs; policies and implementation, effective public communication.

Symposium website:

Symposium flyer:

Contact Person:

          Mikel Robinson
          Executive Director
          International Association of Wildland Fire

          1418 Washburn Street
          Missoula, Montana 59801 USA

          (01) (406) 531-8264
          Toll Free from US & Canada:
          (888) 440-IAWF (4293)



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