Strategies on Forest Fire Prevention in Southern European Forests

Forum of Risk Management Professionals

Bordeaux (France), Centre de Congrès de la Cité Mondiale

7-9 January 2013

Forest fire prevention and readiness are the two main topics of this International Conference: aiming at evaluating current knowledge on the matter, as well as concrete experiences in the technical and scientific fields, and to integrate them in a political, economical and social framework.

The Conference is organised under the umbrella of USSE, and led by the Cultivated Forest European Institute (IEFC).

Being an international scientific multidisciplinary Conference, the presentations will be selected covering a range of topics related to the theme of prevention and/or readiness against the forest fire risks.

Proposed Topics

1. Different fields of knowledge

  • Vegetation cover
  • Tree cover
  • Climatology
  • Animal data
  • Forest evolution
  • Economic and social data (historical and cultural)
  • Human and social data

2. Estimation and risk evaluation

  • Risks constants
  • Risks variables
  • Meteorological, human, and sociological elements
  • Human elements (cultural, historical, sociological)
  • Economical and financial elements
  • Follow-up of the risk components

3. Organisation for risk prevention

  • Prevention objectives
  • Prevention history
  • Prevention organisation
  • Means and methods
  • Selection of priorities
  • Planning
  • Actors and roles
  • Results and financing
  • Used or necessary technological tools

4. Organisation for readiness

  • Readiness objectives
  • Readiness history
  • Readiness organisation
  • Means and methods
  • Selection of priorities
  • Planning
  • Actors and roles
  • Participants

Any qualified person in the field of wildfire risk can participate in this conference and give a theoretical lecture or presentation describing a real experience.

Conference Website, First Announcement and Call for Papers


USSE/ARDFCI – Maison de la Forêt
6 Parvis des Chartrons


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