3rd Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference


3rd Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference

“Shared Responsibility: Research, Management, and Communities”

April 17-19, 2012  ~  Hilton Hotel ~ Seattle, Washington, USA

The International Association of Wildland Fire Human Dimensions of Wildland Fire Conference series has advanced the knowledge and practice related to the human side of managing fire prone landscapes. The series evolved out of the IAWF’s8th Wildland Fire Safety Summit; the Human Factors Workshop – 10 Years Later, U of Montana, Missoula, Montana, USA April 26-28, 2005; where the central theme was the 10th anniversary of the release of Phase III of the Wildland Firefighter Safety Awareness Study, more popularly known as the “Tri-Data Study” after the corporation that conducted the research. This final report is the summary of responses from one-on-one interviews with 300 federal wildland firefighters at all levels, and information gathered from another 700. The results presented are probably the most complete survey of safety issues ever taken in the fire service — anywhere.

It also commemorated the original Wildland Firefighters Human Factors Workshop; Improving Wildland Firefighter Performance under Stressful, Risky conditions: Toward Better Decisions on the Fireline and More Resilient Organizations held in Missoula, Montana, USA in 1995 and summarized in USDA Forest Service, updated 1996, 5100-F&AM, 9551-2856-MTDC, organizer Ted Putnam.

The First Human Dimensions Conference, which took place in Fort Collins, Colorado, was inspired by the “Burning Questions” report to National Wildfire Coordinating Group.

The Second Human Dimensions Conference took place in San Antonio, Texas and provided a forum for sharing what has been learned about the diverse social elements of wildland fire management and discussing how this knowledge can be used and expanded up by land managers and public leaders to effectively achieve their assignments and goals.

The Third Human Dimensions Conference of Wildland Fire is scheduled for April 17 -19, 2012 in Seattle, Washington. We will continue to identify knowledge gaps and opportunities for innovation and development and explore ways for fire scientists and fire science users to expand collaborations and develop and test new knowledge.

For further information regarding to conference topics, abstract submission, registration, etc. please explore the conference website via following website:


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