Aerial Emergency


Aerial Emergency Response

27th-28th October 2010

Crowne Plaza Mutiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Focusing on the entire Sphere of Aerial assets and their contribution to humanitarian needs environmental disasters and relief operations in the Asia-Pacific region.

Recent humanitarian and environmental disasters across the Asia-Pacific region have prompted a massive response from the International community to help deliver humanitarian aid and assistance to countries affected by tsunami’s, earthquakes and wildfires.

Air Support plays a pivotol role in the execution of humanitarian relief operations and in response to these natural disasters as well as defending and supporting troops and ever increasing demands with border control and law enforcement.

The launch of Tangent Link’s Aerial Emergency Response event will bring together rotary and fixed wing operators, manufacturers and equipment suppliers who specialise in providing the framework to support civil emergencies, from those requiring multiple assets and responders down to individual cases, creating a dynamic environment for effective business networking and information sharing.

Conference themes will focus on how military, public and private organisations within this arena can support governments, as well as local and regional populations. The intent behind the conference is to examine a targetted range of aerial emergency response topics that operators and decision makers need to address

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