10th Wildland Fire Safety Summit

10th Wildland Fire Safety Summit
“10 Years after the TriData Study: What is different?”

27-30 April 2009, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The 10th Wildland Fire Safety Summit continues the tradition begun by the IAWF in 1997 to provide a forum for sharing the latest developments in wildland firefighting safety. In the mid-1990s, the interagency wildland fire community commissioned the groundbreaking Wildland Firefighter Safety Awareness Study. The final TriData report, released in 1998, made specific recommendations for implementing cultural changes for safety in the areas of culture, leadership, fire management, training, human factors, and organizational learning, to name a few. To revisit the impact of this landmark initiative, a major emphasis of the 10th Wildland Fire Safety Summit will be: “10 Years after the TriData Study: What is different?”.

Submissions of abstracts for a paper presentation, poster, or special session on this or another safety-related topic are welcome, including:

  • Aviation safety on wildfire operations
  • Issues in wildfire safety around the world
  • Safety in the Wildland-Urban Interface
  • Advances in wildland firefighter safety
  • Research, practices, training, and equipment
  • Case studies and lessons learned
  • Firefighter liability
  • Human factors in the fire organization
  • Firefighter health and fitness
  • New approaches to investigation and
  • Learning from close calls
  • Policy, practices, and procedures

For more information on deadlines and registration procedures:


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