Forest Fire 2008

Forest Fire 2008


International Conference on Modelling, Monitoring and Management of Forest Fires


17-19 September 2008, Toledo, Spain

Organised by the Wessex Institute of Technology, UK, and the University of Castilla – La Mancha, Spain

Forest Fires are very complex phenomena, which, under the right physical conditions, can rapidly devastate large areas, as demonstrated by recent events. There is also widespread awareness that the risk may increase as a result of climate changes.

Different approaches are required for controlling fires in rural areas as opposed to urban environments, and strongly depend on the physical characteristics of the surrounding region. It also depends on weather conditions, regional activities, forest type, as well as social and economic factors.

Forest fires analysis and mitigation requires the development of computer codes that can take into consideration a large number of different parameters. This conference will focus on the latest research and applications of computational tools that are available to analyse and predict the spread of forest fires in an attempt to prevent or reduce major loss of life and property as well as damage to the environment.

At present there is insufficient knowledge of the behaviour of fires and how they propagate. This lack of appropriate studies makes these phenomena very difficult to control and is one of the most important obstacles to the reliable production, optimization and development of an appropriate decision support system.

Public concern in this topic is increasing as uncontrolled fires may lead to major ecological disasters, and usually result in negative economic and health implications for the region.

This Conference aims to address all aspects of forest fires, from fire propagation in different scenarios to the optimum strategies for firefighting. It will also cover issues related to economic, ecological, social and health effects.

For more details, including deadlines for submissions of contributions, please consult the conference website:


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