GEOSS Symposium

GEOSSSymposium on Integrated Observation for 
Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Region (GEOSS AP Symposium)
Parallel Session „Monitoring Forest Fire

11-12January 2007, Tokyo,Japan

On behalf of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) a GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems) Symposium on Integrated Observations for Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Region (GEOSS AP Symposium) will be held in Tokyo, Japan, on 11-12 January 2007. The GEOSS AP Symposium is being organized by the GEO Secretariat with the support of the government of Japan, and its goal is to exchange information and enhance common understanding for realizing GEOSS as a tool for sustainable development.

The goals of this symposium are to:

  • Present progress on GEOSS implementation to a wide audience of government officials, experts, scientists, the public and the press from Asia-Pacific countries; 
  • Summarize the current situation of in-situ networks, satellite capability, model predictability, and data integration, and discuss future plans for filling the observational gaps, avoiding duplication and contributing to socio-economic benefit; 
  • Explore convergence of existing observational networks in Asian-Pacific countries under GEOSS.

 To focus the discussion, technical sessions have been organized on the following topics:

  • Monitoring Ecosystems and Biodiversity 
  • Climate change and the water cycle 
  • Monitoring Forest Fire 
  • Monitoring Earthquakes 

Wildland fire is one of the major and chronic phenomena affecting many countries in Southeast Asia. Its effects are of great relevance both at regional and at Global level, like its substantial contribution to the global warming. Therefore the control of wildland fires is a very important and urgent function to be implemented worldwide, not only through fire detection and projected evolution but also by fire risk assessment and early warning. The GEO Work Plan 2007-2009 is fully recognizing the importance of the matter and includes a specific task, calling for the implementation of a wildland fire early warning system worldwide, in support of ISDR initiatives and priorities.


See GFMC-led GEO Task involving the planned Global Wildland Fire Early Warning System:




The session could be a key opportunity to improve regional coordination and plans, seen also as a contribution to a worldwide system. Concrete recommendations and proposals are expected along these lines.


Conference website with information on registration:




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