The Conjugate Problems of Mechanics, Computer Science and Ecology

First Announcement ofthe International Conference 

“TheConjugate Problems of Mechanics, Computer Science and Ecology”

TomskState University 
Facultyof Mechanics and Mathematics
Departmentof Physical and Computer Mechanics
TomskSociety of Mechanical Scientists and Thermophysicists

 25-28June 2007, Tomsk, Russian Federation

The conference is devoted to the 30th Anniversary of the Department of Physical and Computer Mechanics.

Conference Topics

  1. General methods of modelling and prediction of the wildfire and technogenic catastrophes and their mutual effect on each other

  2. Mass wildfires and urban fires: initiation, spread and suppression methods

  3. Modelling and prediction of earthquakes

  4. Space bodies entering the atmosphere: methods of changing the flight path and ecological consequences of the impact

  5. Flood problems: ecology of hydro-technical constructions and hydrology of urbanized territories

  6. Prediction and assessment of probability of disasters at the high-risk enterprises

  7. Modern problems of energetics and ecology

  8. Environmental pollution: physical and chemical basics, control and rehabilitation

  9. Methods of risk analysis and artificial intelligence for estimating ecological safety of industrial enterprises

  10. Aerosols in the atmosphere: physical and mechanical properties and monitoring

  11. Rational nature application and ecology

  12. Legal, ecological and economic aspects of catastrophes

  13. Higher education in ecology

  14. Methods for modelling catastrophes and prediction of their ecological consequences

Side Events

  1. Round tables on different on conference subjects

  2. Demonstration and sale of computer programmes and methods

  3. Excursions over Tomsk State University, historical places of Tomsk, journey on Tom river by ship (additional payment)

  4.  Seminar on “Modern express methods of testing the state of human health and diagnosis of a disease at the early stage of development. The latest sanitary complexes”

Working languages

Russian and English


The sponsors are welcomed to a beneficial collaboration and participation in the conference and all its activities.

The list of the persons and organizations taking part in financing the conference will be presented in the Programme of the conference and the proceedings of the conference.

International Programme Committee

Honorary Chairs

  • Academician G.G. Cherny (Moscow, Russia)

  • Academician V.M. Fomin (Novosibirsk, Russia)


  • Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Professor, Ph.D. Anatoly M. Grishin (Tomsk, Russia)


  • Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Professor, Ph.D. Belov V.V. (Tomsk, Russia)

Scientific Secretary

  • Anton A. Strokatov (Tomsk, Russia)

Members of the Organizing Committee

  • Alexeyev B.V. – Honoured Scientist of Russian Federation, professor, Ph.D. (Moscow, Russia)

  • Amelchugov S.P. – Professor, Ph.D. (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)

  • Belyayev S.A. – Dean, Faculty of Heat and Power Engineering, Tomsk Polytechnical University, Assistant Professor, Candidate of Sciences (Tomsk, Russia)

  • Golovanov A.N. – Professor, Ph.D. (Tomsk, Russia);

  • Goldammer J.G. – Professor, Ph.D., Director of Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) / United Nations University (UNU) (Freiburg, Germany)

  • Davidenko E.P. – Assistant Professor, Candidate of Sciences (Pushkino, Russia)

  • Domingos X.V. – Professor (Coimbra, Portugal)

  • Zinchenko V.I. – Professor, Ph.D. (Tomsk, Russia)

  • Kopylov N.P. – General-Major of Police, Professor, Ph.D. (Balashikha, Russia)

  • Krutikov V.A. – Professor, Ph.D. (Tomsk, Russia)

  • Levin V.A. – Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Vladivostok, Russia);

  • Malyshkin V.E. – Professor, Ph.D. (Novosibirsk, Russia)

  • Matvienko O.V. – Professor, Ph.D. (Tomsk, Russia)

  • Barysheva G.A. – Professor, Ph.D. (Tomsk, Russia)

  • Panchenko M.V. – Professor, Ph.D. (Tomsk, Russia)

  • Pilyugin N.N. – Professor, Ph.D. (Moscow, Russia)

  • Bernard Porterie – Professor (Marseille, France)

  • Son E.E. – Vice-Rector of Research, MPTI, Professor, Ph.D. (Moscow, Russia)

  • Tirsky G.A. – Professor, Ph.D. (Moscow, Russia)

  • Khomenko Yu.P. – Professor, Ph.D. (Tomsk, Russia)

  • Chernov A.V. – General-Major of Police, Candidate of Sciences (Irkutsk, Russia);

  • Khasanov I.R. – Ph.D. (Balshikha, Russia)

  • Yashkov M.I. – Professor, Agriculture Doctor (Gorno-Altaysk, Russia)

Addresses of the Organizing Committee

Please direct any correspondence to

Prof. Dr. Anatoly Mikhailovich Grishin


Mr. Anton Anatolyevich Strokatov
Scientific Secretary of the Organizing Committee
Tomsk State University
Department of Physical and Computer Mechanics
Lenin Avenue 36
Tomsk 634050

Tel:       +7-3822-529669
Fax:     +7-3822-529895


Registration form and abstracts (one page, typed in Russian or in English) by 26 April 2007 (by e-mail)


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