Aerialand Satellite Methods and Gis-Systems in Silviculture and Forestry

TheFourth Russian Nation-Wide Conference

(withinternational inputs)

18-19April 2007, Moscow, Russia

Key issues to be discussed: 

–          Up-to-date and promising means and methods for active and passive remote sensing of forests in optical and radio ranges.

–          Aerial and satellite methods, GIS-technologies and GPS- systems in forestry (for purposes of forest inventory and management planning, forest fire and pest management, forest use surveillance, etc.) and landscape construction. 

–          Aerial and satellite methods for assessing biospheric functions of forests University- and college-level training of forest professionals in applying aerial and satellite imagery methods in forestry and landscape construction Institutional and legal issues related to the use of aerial and satellite means and methods and GIS in forestry. 


–          To provide an opportunity for information sharing among research officers, trainers from universities and colleges, practitioners, forest officials, specialists from organisations designing aerial and space remote sensing equipment and producing satellite imagery to identify the most important forestry and silvicultural problems and ways to address them using space equipment, GIS-technologies and geo-positioning systems. 

–          To discuss a range of issues characterizing the level of R&D, operational methods and technologies and the status of their implementation.  

–          To discuss issues related to training in aerial and satellite methods and GIS-technologies in forest universities and colleges. 


–          Centre for Forest Ecology and Productivity, Russian Academy of Sciences (CFEP, RAS, Moscow) 

–          Federal Forestry Agency (FFA, Moscow) 

–          Space Research Institute, RAS (Moscow)
Russian Association of Forest Inventory and Management Planning Enterprises (Moscow, St-Petersburg) 

–          Institute of Forest, RAS Siberian Branch (Krasnoyarsk) 

–          Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics, RAS (Moscow) 

–          St-Petersburg Forest Academy (St-Petersburg Forest Academy) 

–          Russian Forestry Research Institute (VNIILM, Pushkino, Moscow Region) 

–          SKAN-EX Technological Centre (Moscow) 

–          GeoLIDAR ( Moscow)

–          GIS-Association (Moscow) 

–          Khrunichev State Research and Operation Space Centre (Moscow) 

–          PRIRODA State Research and Operation Centre (Moscow) 

–          Mari-El State Technological University (Yoshkoar-Ola) 

–          International Institute of Forest (IIF)

–          International Institute of Forest Ecosystem Monitoring (Krasnoyarsk) 

–          Moscow State Forest University (Moscow) 

–          PLANETA NGO, (Moscow) 

–          Russian Engineering Academy 

–          SOVZOND JSC (Moscow)

–          AVIALESOOKHRANA – Aerial Forest Protection Service (Pushkino, Moscow Region)

Time and venue: 

The Conference will be held on 18 and 19 2007 in Moscow. 

Conference Secretariat: 

Forest Monitoring Laboratory
Centre for Forest Ecology and Productivity, RAS
Profsoyuznaya Str. 84/32
117810, Moscow
Russian Federation


S.P. Eidlina, S.V. Knyazeva
Tel:      +7-495331-17-01
Fax:     +7-495-332-26-17

V.I. Sukhikh
Deputy Chairmen, Conference Organizing Committee
Tel:      +7-495-331-17-01


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