IInd Patagonian and IIIrd Argentine Reunion on Fire Ecology and Management

IIªReunión Patagónica y IIIª Reunión Nacional sobreEcología y Manejo del Fuego 


IIndPatagonian and IIIrd ArgentineReunion on Fire Ecology and Management


25 -28 de Abril de 2006, Esquel, Chubut, Argentina
25 -28 April 2006, Esquel, Chubut, Argentina

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1– Introduction

InArgentina, the subject of Fire Ecology and Management involve scientists andtechnicians coming from diverse disciplines, who work at different regional andnational agencies and institutions.  Theyshare the common objective of generating new knowledge, and expand andcommunicate it to different audiences.  Thisevent was then conceived with the objective of joining up different workinggroups to present the state of the art on the diverse areas this theme covers,through the presentation of scientific and technical studies and extension andcommunication activities.  TheReunion will be organized by the Patagonian Andes Forest Research and ExtensionCenter (CIEFAP), the National Fire Management Plan, the Administration ofNational Parks of Argentina (APN), the University of Patagonia, the Direction ofForests of the Province of Chubut, and the Municipality of Esquel.  Ithas been sponsored by the National Agency for the Promotion of Scientific andTechnological Activities which depends from the National Secretary for Scienceand Technology of Argentina, and other federal and provincial agencies. 

2– Objectives of the Reunion

Objectives are to: 

v    Promote theinterchange of current scientific information (state of the art) about fireecology and management at the international context and its relation/adaptationto natural and modified ecosystems of Argentina (grasslands, shrublands, naturalforests, and afforestations).  

v    Facilitate theinterdisciplinary discussion to outline new research areas, or to consolidateand broaden current ones, taking into account the needs and ambient policies ofinstitutions and agencies that administer natural resources at local, regional,or national levels.

v    Identifyproblems and propose alternatives to allow faster and more efficienttransference of available technologies for a better application of scientificknowledge to fire management, either when it should be suppressed or used as atool.    

v    Know anddiscuss, under field conditions, the role of fire in the dynamics and modellingof natural ecosystems of the ecotone (forest-steppe) zone of Andean Patagonia,and of those areas covered by afforestations. 

v    Promote linksamong the scientific, technological, educational and communicational sectors atall levels to better understand the role of fire in natural (grasslands,shrublands, and forests) and modified (afforestations) ecosystems. 

3–Thematic Areas  

To promote the interactionamong fire specialists at either national or international level, we haveidentified 10 main areas that would be the focus of the Reunion. 

Those areas are:

1– Fire Behaviour 

2– Fire Ecology and Management in Afforestations

3– Restoration activities in fire disturbed areas 

4– Prescribed fire

5– Detection and fire danger rating systems

6- Dynamics of fire in Natural Ecosystems (Forests, Shrublands and Grasslands)  

7– Technological tools for decision making 

8– Operative Systems

9– Prevention (education, legislation, policies)

10– Economic aspects related to Fire Management 

Twokind of papers would be accepted for presenting into the Reunion: those ofscientific nature and non-technical reports.  Guidelinesfor both presentations could be consulted in: 


Writtenpapers could be presented either via e-mail to: ecofuego@ciefap.org.aror sent in a diskette labelled with the name of the main author and the title ofthe presentation to:  Comitéorganizador, ECOFUEGO 2006, Ruta 259 Km 4, (9200) Esquel, Chubut Argentina. 

4- Estructure ofthe Reunion

TheReunion will be organized as plenary conferences, oral presentations, and postersessions.  Each thematic area willhave a plenary conference that will be leaded by a known international ornational speaker.  After that, oralpresentations will follow.  Postersession will take place after those presentations.     


Acommercial exhibition of equipment, instruments and clothing related tooperational systems will take place together with the Reunion. People and firms willing to participate in this exhibition are encouragedto contact the organizing committee at the email address ecofuego@ciefap.org.ar  

Field trip

Thethird day of the Reunion will be entirely dedicated to a field trip. This field trip will cover areas with native forests, steppes andafforestations, all burned at different dates since about the beginning of thetwentieth century.  We will have theopportunity to see and discuss the role of fire in shaping different landscapesin one of the most varying precipitation gradients of the world (from 4000 mm/yrin the Valdivian rainforest to less than 300 mm/yr in the Patagonian steppe. We will also have the opportunity to see burned afforestations andplantations planned to avoid/reduce the risk of getting burned.



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