Burnt Biomass and Satellite Observations (BBSO) Workshop

BurntBiomass and Satellite Observations (BBSO) Workshop

Howto access global and regional burnt biomass from satellite observations 
toderive gases and particle emission inventories?


14-15December 2005, Toulouse, France


Theworkshop is organized by the ACCENT Europeannetwork, together with the GEIA(Global Emissions Inventory Activity of IGBP) with supports from the GlobalVegetation Monitoring Unit – Institute for Environment and Sustainability – JointResearch Centre.


Thetitle of the workshop is “How to access global and regional burnt biomass fromsatellite observations to derive gases and particle emission inventories?”


In thedetermination of emission inventories for savannas, forests and agriculturalfires, two different spatial products are currently used: the distribution offire pixels and the distribution of burnt areas. The main purpose of theworkshop is to bring together specialists of fire products and user groups ofthese products to find a coherence between the different estimations.


The fullagenda will be available very soon.


Thoseinterested to join the workshop, please contact:

Hotelreservations may be done on the following web site:
http://www.reserv-hotels.fr(go the English version, go to Congress booking, go to BBSO 14 December 2005 -Connection password is BBSO05)

Update information: ACCENTBBSO workshop page


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