High Altitude Aircrafts and Airships

USE-HAAS Workshop

FP6-2002-AERO-2SSA Project Contract No 516081

“High Altitude Aircrafts and Airships (HAAS)”

11-12 July 2005

Royal Military Academy

Avenue de la Renaissance,30 B-1000 Brussels

The “USE HAAS”(High Altitude Aircrafts and Airships) project has been approved by the European Commission (EC).On 11 and 12 July 2005 a workshop sponsored by the EC will be organized in the Royal Military Academy of Belgium in Brussels. The workshop will deal with the present HAAS State-of-the-Arts; HAAS Needs and Applications; HAAS Strategic Research Agenda. Attached please see the preliminary agenda of the workshop.

One of the important applications that will be presented and discussed in the workshop is the deployment of HAAS for Regional Earth Observation to be used for monitoring and provision of disaster services (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunami disasters, forest fires and others) and to provide useful tools for improving the Risk Management in emergency situations. 

For further enquiries please contact Arie Lavie at: arlavie@zahav.net.il 


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