II International Conference on Prevention Strategies for Fires in southern Europe

09 – 11 May 2005, Auditori La Pedrera, Barcelona, Spain

The Consorci Forestal de Catalunya and the Confederación de Organizaciones de Silvicultores de España (CFC – COSE), concerned about the management and conservation of forests and forest spaces, with the collaboration of the Unión de Silvicultores del Sur de Europa (USSE) and the Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya (CTFC), is organising an International Conference to go into depth into the viability of forestry and fuel management at a territorial scale as a strategy for managing the risk of forest fires.

The abandonment of agro-forestry-pastoral activities and other agricultural activities in rural zones is favouring the accumulation of high loads of combustible material (biomass or vegetation) on forestland. This facilitates the appearance of high intensity fires that reduces the effectiveness of the prevention infrastructure and overwhelm the capacity of the extinction systems. This is when the large forest fires appear, with an enormous impact on persons and infrastructures and the ecosystem’s capacity for regeneration.

Given the growing urgency of this problem, the discussion is about how to integrate the forestry and fuel management into the fire risk management strategies. This should go beyond reinforcing the conventional prevention and extinction measures. The need arises to debate about how to promote forest and landscape structures that are less vulnerable to the propagation of fires and about the technical, socio-economic and environmental viability of the proposals based on the management of forest and fuel on a territorial scale, emphasizing the role of private ownership.

The conference will include the participation of international experts on combustible models and fire behaviour, designed fires, forestry, forest policy, legislation, territorial planning and micro and macroeconomics among other disciplines.

For further information: http://www.ctfc.es/confeinfor/



Consorci Forestal de Catalunya, Joan Rovira i Ciuró
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Unión de Silvicultores del Sur de Europa, Iñaki Isasi Pérez
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Fax: +34 94 476 37 15

Maison de la Forêt,
6 parvis des Chartrons
F-33075 BORDEAUX CEDEX (France)
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Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya, Eduard Plana Bach
Pujada del Seminari s/n
E-25280 Solsona (Spain)
Tel: +34 973 481 752
Fax: +34 973 481 392


Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya

Pujada del Seminari s/n
E-25280 Solsona (Spain)
Tel: +34 973 481 752
Fax: +34 973 481 392

e-mail: registration.confeinfor@ctfc.es


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