Spokane: Mixed-Severity Fire Regimes Conference

Mixed-SeverityFire Regimes Conference

17-19November 2004

Spokane,Washington, U.S.A

Mixed severity fire regimesinclude both forested and non-forested landscapes that are affected by firesthat characteristically burn with great complexity. Patches of low, moderate,and high intensity fire create a complex mosaic of fire effects. Although mixedseverity fire regimes lie midway in the spectrum from low severity to highseverity fire regimes, they do not have simply “intermediate” effects but aunique landscape ecology. Ecological and managerial challenges in mixed severityfire regimes have often been overlooked. This conference will be the first ofits kind.

The conference focus will include generic attributes of mixed severity fireregimes, current research on specific mixed severity fire regimes, andmanagerial challenges on these lands. Among the ecosystems considered will bemixed evergreen, dry Douglas-fir, red fir, grand fir, juniper, interiorlodgepole pine / Douglas-fir, whitebark pine, and selected sagebrush types inthe Pacific Northwest across Canada and the United States.

Publicationof Conference Proceedings

Since May 2005 theconference proceedings have been published:

L. Lagene, J. Zelnik, S.Cadwallader, and B. Hughes (eds.). Mixed Severity Fire Regimes:

Ecology and Management,November 17-19, 2004, Spokane, Washington. Washington State University CoopExtension Service/ The Association for Fire Ecology, Pullman, Washington, Vol.AFE MISC03.


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