British Columbia Wildfire Conference 2004

BritishColumbia Wildfire Conference 2004:

WildlandUrban Interface Fire in the New Era

WesternSilvicultural Contractors’ Association

11-13May 2004, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

The year 2003 produced an exceptional wildfire seasonin Western Canada. In some cases catastrophic wildfires burnt throughcommunities bringing the wildfire threat home, quite literally, to thousands ofresidents. Unfortunately trends in climate, forest health and settlement pointto more fire years like this one. The purpose of the Western SilviculturalContractors’ Association B.C. Wildfire Conference: Wildland Urban Interface Firein the New Era is to put the wildfire threat in perspective in Western Canada.Experts from across North America will examine the present situation’s originsand where it is leading us if we fail to change our forest management regimes.After this assessment researchers will describe where potential remedies lay interms of forest ecology, economics and governance. The conference willcompromise an international collection of expertise and experience. It shouldappeal to fire specialists and practitioners as well as stakeholders rangingfrom the interested public to foresters, fire chiefs, community planners andpolicy makers.

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