European Geophysical Union (EGU) General Assembly

European Geophysical Union (EGU) General Assembly
Session AS3.04
Vertical and Long Range Transport of Trace Gases and Aerosols

Nice, 25-30 April 2004

SessionAS3.04 – Vertical and long range transport of trace gases and aerosols
: AndreasStohl, Mark Lawrence, Yan Yin

 Super-regionaltransport of trace gases and aerosols is one of the most important factorscontrolling their concentrations and variability. Surface emissions have astrong direct influence on the upper troposphere via several vertical transportprocesses, especially cumulus convection, lifting associated with frontalsystems (warm and cold conveyor belts), and orographic lifting. Downwardtransport occurs via accompanying subsidence, while precipitation scavenging isone of the key sinks for many gases and aerosols. Long-range andintercontinental transport result in measurable enhancements of gas and aerosolconcentrations in populated and agricultural regions due to industrial andbiomass burning emissions thousands of km upstream.

 Evenmany “remote” marine regions are far from being free from the directinfluence of relatively short-lived gases and aerosols produced over far awaycontinents. Numerous tools have been applied to studying transport-relatedissues, including observations (long-term, campaign, and satellite) and models (cloud-scaleto global), and large field campaigns have been conducted in order to studyvertical and long-range transport. We invite talks covering all aspects of thistopic, and especially encourage those which synergistically combine varioustypes of models and observations.

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