FIREFOR – TheWorldwide Event n Techniques and Machinery for the Prevention and Extinguishingof Forest Fires and Mechanization Forest in Galicia, Spain

Vilagarcía de Arousa(Galicia-Spain), 14-16 November 2003

From 14 to 16 November 2003, the world-wideevent in the forest sector during the year 2003 will be held in Vilagarcíade Arousa (Galicia-Spain) Exhibition Site:

FIREFOR – International ExhibitionOn Techniques and Machinery for the Prevention and Extinguishing of Forest Fires– Regeneration of Affected Areas – Forest Exploitation – Mechanization andSafety in Forest Works

Underthe sponsorship of the President of the SpanishGovernment, five Spanish Ministries, the Government of Galicia and over 100national, international and supranational Organizations and Entities.

It is the only Event currently existing withinthe field of prevention and extinguishing of forest fires and it includes theinnovations related to the regeneration of affected areas, the exploitation offorest resources, mechanization, prevention and safety in forest works. Nationaland international exhibitors and visitors, potential buyers, will visit us.

In short FIREFOR 2003 is acommercial, technical and scientific excellent opportunity for all the peopleinvolved in the forest sector in general.

This event also coincides with the Debate of the“WorldwideConference on the Prevention and Extinguishing of Forest Fires – Regeneration ofAffected Areas and Forest Exploitations, and the FORUM on the Mechanization andSafety of Forest Workers”.

FIREFOR organization, the only Event existing currently within this field inEuropa, has been entrusted to a group of prestigious experts in agricultural andforest shows.

IBERIA and AIR NOSTRUM companies, as officialtransports of FIREFOR, grants a 25% discount on the ticket prices of the exhibitors, thecongressmen and visitors. A great number of Hotels of the area also offerspecial prices.

FIREFOR Coordination:

CONDINTER Activfairs Spain
P.O. Box 3126
50080 Zaragoza

Fax: +34-976276731
Tel:+34-976276731 and +34-696941524


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