Global Observation of Forest Cover / Global Observation ofLandcover Dynamics (GOFC/GOLD) – Fire Mapping and Monitoring Regional FireImplementation Team

S.E.Asia Workshop

Announcementand Request for Presentations

21-24January 2003, Fukuoka, Japan

The GOFC/GOLD(Global Observation of Forest Cover/Global Observation of Landcover Dynamics) isa project of the Global Terrestrial Observing System (GTOS) programme, which issponsored by the Integrated Global Observing Strategy (IGOS). The main goal ofGOFC/GOLD is to provide a forum for international information exchange,observation and data coordination, and a framework for establishing thenecessary long-term monitoring systems. The GOFC/GOLD-Fire Mapping andMonitoring Theme is aimed at refining and articulating the internationalobservation requirements and making the best possible use of fire products fromthe existing and future satellite observing systems, for fire management, policydecision-making and global change research.

A specialsession of the Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) Earth Monitoring andDisaster Warning Working Group (EM-WG), 21-24 January 2003, Fukuoka, Japan.Participants must register for the APAN meeting. For more information about theAPAN meeting see


1. Review anddiscuss the monitoring group recommendations from the June 2002 World Land andForest Fire Hazards Conference held 10-12 June 2002 in Kuala Lumpur. Are thererecommendations which GOFC can make a contribution to?

2. To expandparticipation in GOFC Fire S.E. Asia.

3. To reviewand discuss early S.E. Asia GOFC fire cal/val study results from 2002.

4. To reviewand discuss the move of NOAA’s GOES-9 geostationary satellite to Asia and thePARTS plan to have GOES-ABBA fire products of S.E. Asia generated by NOAA-CIMMSand made available by ftp.

5. Discussthe development of a prototype S.E. Asia fire information system throughcollaboration with PARTS and the APAN Digital Asia Network (DAN; see: http://www.acrors.ait.ac.th/digital_asia/).Review of one or more existing demo’s (e.g. PARTS). Discussion of standard fileformats and access mechanisms that would facilitate participation in theprototype.

We invitepresentations that will contribute to the above objectives through thesubmission of abstracts to Dr. Christopher (Chris) Elvidge. Note that there arevery limited options to obtain travel support. In general attendees will beexpected to cover travel costs from their own institutions.

The currentagenda includes:

1. GOFC Fireoverview
2. ANDES overview and current status
3. S.E. Asia calibration/validation study results to date
4. Plan for GOES-9 ABBA fire monitoring and data access for S.E. Asia
5. Potential for on-line access and analysis of distributed data
6. Discussion and planning

Fordiscussion on the meeting or to submit an abstract contact:

GOFC/GOLDFire Website:


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