Workshopon „Fire and Grazing as Instruments for Maintaining Impoverished OpenLandscapes in Northwest Germany“

3-4 September 2002, Alfred Toepfer Academy for Nature Protection (Alfred Toepfer Akademie für Naturschutz), Hof Möhr, Schneverdingen, Germany

As a consequence of abandonment and change of land-use many open landscapes characterized by impoverished sites have been lost recently. Grazing and the use of prescribed fire are of key interest to maintain these unique sites. 

The workshop at the Alfred Toepfer Academy for Nature Protection will address ecological and socio-economic aspects of grazing and burning. The workshop is part of a research project sponsored by the German Ministry for Education and Research which investigates these methods in the Nature Reserves Lüneburger Heide and Diepholzer Moorniederung

Workshop language will be German. 

For detailed information and registration please contact: 

Alfred Toepfer Akademie für Naturschutz
Attn. Mr. Tobias Keienburg
Hof Möhr
29640 Schneverdingen
Tel: +49-5199-989-25
Fax: +49-5199-989-46
e-mail:  tobias.keienburg@nna.niedersachsen.de


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