Fire and Ecological Responses

A Side Meeting at the
International Congress of Ecology (INTECOL)
11-18 August 2002, Seoul, Korea

Fire has been a widespread phenomenon in terrestrial ecosystems. Therefore, natural fires at certain intervals played a significant role in shaping those terrestrial ecosystems. For example, in the Mediterranean vegetation, grasslands in Australia, Chaparral, Southeastern pine-grass forests and Yellowstone National Park of the United States. Unlike these regions, there were no wild fires reported in Far East Asia. Rather, almost of all fires were caused by human activities such as heavy forest use, slash-and-burn farming and wars. Information about the effects of fire and responses are relatively limited in environments frequently burned by humans. Thus, we would like to exchange our experience and to discuss on any fire related issues, emphasizing on the fire effects of physical and chemical environments, and organism responses in any level. 

Urgent Request
If there is anyone, who is going to join our symposium, please contact the symposium organizer: 

Dr. Yeonsook Choung
e-mail: yschoung@kangwon.ac.kr


Advanced registration for INTECOL is needed through the conference website:

Deadline for submission of abstract: 31 May  2002.


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