Air Resources in The Defence Against

“Air Resources in The Defence Against ForestFires”
IXRepsol-YPF Aviatión Seminar

28-30October 2002, Cordobá, Spain

The progressive managementof the defence against forest fires could not be understood without theintegration of air resources as effective tools both for the planning and combatof it. The experience reached in the course of time makes explicit the fact thata fast procedure after the ignition of the fire facilitates the tasks to controlit, avoiding in that way the expansive development of the fire which involvingsome sort of danger may generate limiting conditions for the mobility of humanand material resources.

The success of the annualincreases in the percentages of inferior burnt surface to one hectare fires ascontrasted with the total quantity of the records is due to the rapid andflexible response of the extinguishing. Those are based upon the sending out ofthe fighting resources transported by helicopter and the bombardment using waterwith or without additives by means of fixed-winged or rotary-winged aircrafts.With this, the dynamic propagation of fires is reduced to their wholeextinguishing.

 The divulging of theexperience and the acquired knowledge, with an educational and informativeintention, and also the opportunity of encouraging the discussion of ideas, arethe core of this I International Symposium on Air Resources in the Defenceagainst Forest Fires, organized by the Cátedra de Medio Ambiente Enresaof the University of Córdoba and Repsol YPF. The exchange of opinions as wellas lived experiences among administrations, managers, planning staff,investigators, academic, businessmen and professionals specialized in thedefence against forest fires, represents the best choice to continue theimprovement of the utility of aeronautics in the protection and defence of theforest areas against fire.

 Globalisation, a conceptwith which the 21st century has been inaugurated, can not be relegated to thepolitical speech framework, but it must be understood as the best way ofexpansion of knowledge and experience beyond any frontier. In that way, theevident interest of the management of air resources applied to the fight againstforest fires can not be established with any geographical limit. Therefore,making a profound study of the necessity of knowledge exchange, this Symposiumis born to be international, with the idea of facilitate contacts andexperiences between the members of the community defence against forest fires.

 The University of Córdobawhere the meeting will take place will offer the favourable academic environmentfor the workshops and debates. The University of Córdoba management program ForestFires managed with an educational and reacher intention by the Department ofForest Engineering, gives strong support to the permanent updating of theknowledge that could to take development and instruction of methods andtechniques of protection and defence of forest areas against fire. Likewise, thecompany EGMASA, through the Cátedra de Medio Ambiente Enresa, supportsthe creation of a technical supply of documents of great value as far asresearch training is concerned. It does so with its participation in textedition, a product of the current experience in this Symposium.

 The Symposium has beenorganized into a total of six thematic blocks, distributed throughout the threedays during which the workshops will be developed. Those will be carried outboth in the morning and the afternoon. Each thematic block has been organized bya group of co-ordination constituted by a president and co-ordinator, a lecturerand a group of speakers. Each block will be ended with some time forestablishing a debate between the members of the block and the people present.The thematic blocks are the following

Day 1

  • The role of airresources in the defence against forest fires
  • Air resources,administrative rules, hiring and use

 Day 2

  • Aircraft Piloting,technological incorporations and applied reacher
  • Training, businessmanagement and air resources in the application of fighting planning

 Day 3

  • Fuel and management ofair resources bases
  • Security in the use ofair resources

 For more information onthe symposium contact:

Technical Secretary of theSymposium
Tel: +34-957-21-20-36
Fax: +34-957-21-20-36


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