Conference on Fire, FuelTreatments, and Ecological Restoration: 
Proper Place, Appropriate Time

16-18 April 2002, FortCollins, Colorado, U.S.A.

Recent fires have spawned intense interest in fuel treatment and ecological restoration activities. Scientists and land managers have been advocating these activities for years, but federal, state, and local entities are moving ahead with ambitious treatment plans. Recent fires also increased public awareness about the risks and hazards of living in wild areas. The scientific basis for ecological restoration and fuel treatment activities is growing, but remains largely unsubstantiated, with isolated exceptions. Now is an opportune time to capitalize on fire ecology knowledge and management expertise developed locally and elsewhere, with special focus on the central Rocky Mountains.

Further, prior workshops and conferences have directed little attention toward issues unique to the fire ecology and management of central Rocky Mountain ecosystems. For these reasons a workshop on this subject seems particularly timely.

The conference will be organized by the Western Forest Fire Research Center, Colorado State University, Fort Collins. For more information see:


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