USA: Conference on Regional Haze and Global Radiation Balance, 2-5 October 2001, Bend, Oregon

Conference on Regional Haze and Global Radiation Balance – Aerosols, Measurements and Models: Closure, Reconciliation and Evaluation

2-5 October 2001, Bend, Oregon, U.S.A.

The conference is jointly sponsored by the Air and Waste Management Association and the American Geophysical Union.

The conference will address: sources, chemical and physical characteristics of aerosols; measurement methodologies; predictive modelling techniques; and air quality management implications. A visibility-related professional development course, designed to provide both a technical foundation and a timely refresher, will be offered on-site prior to the conference (1 October 2001).
You can find information about the meeting at:

Details specific to the meeting are at:

Presentations are invited on a number of topics and special interests:

  • Atmospheric aerosols (sources, formation, properties)
  • Atmospheric dynamics (source-receptor relationships, transport, modelling)
  • Atmospheric optics and radiative transfer (absorption and scattering)
  • Field studies (monitoring programs, data reports, trends analyses)
  • Global-scale processes and models
  • Human perception (levels of noticeable change, view modelling)
  • Instrumentation (aerosol and optical)
  • Legal and policy issues (U.S. Regional Haze Regulations, Western Governors’ Association – Western Regional Air Partnership)

Topics of special interest include:

  • In situ measurement of particle propertiesNitrogen-based aerosols and gases (measurement and optical effects)
  • Relationships of vegetative burning (smoke management and regional haze)
  • Stratospheric aerosol studies

A 200-400 word electronic abstract (in either Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect format) must be received for review via post or e-mail before 2 April 2001. Include the presentation title, primary author, complete postal and e-mail addresses, telephone and telefax numbers for all authors. Also, please specify auditorium or poster presentation preference. Authors will be notified of paper acceptance by 15 May 2001.
If accepted, authors must submit an extended abstract for incorporation into the proceedings via post or e-mail before 1 August 2001. The abstract may be submitted in three different formats, depending on the intentions of the authors with regard to future publication of the material. Authors who intend to subsequently submit the paper for publication in an AGU journal can use a format identical to that used for the Spring and Fall meetings of the AGU; editors of AGU journals will not regard an abstract in the AGU meeting format as constituting prior publication.
Please send your 200-400 word electronic abstract by 2 April 2001 to the A&WMA Technical Program Chair:

Scott F. Archer
USDI-Bureau of Land Management
National Science and Technology Center (ST-130)
P.O. Box 25047
Denver, Colorado 80225-0047

Tel: ++1-303-236-6400
Fax: ++1-303-236-3508


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